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Welcome to the py3plex library’s documentation! Here, user can learn more about how py3plex can be used to solve problems related to complex networks!

The aim of this library is to:

  1. Provide primitives for working with multilayer (and multiplex) complex networks
  2. Provide a core set of algorithm for statistical analysis of such networks
  3. Provide extensive collection of network decomposition algorithms
  4. Provide python wrappers for highly efficient algorithm implementations
pip install py3plex

To test whether the core library functionality works well, you can run the test suite from the ./tests folder as:

python3 -m pytest

That’s almost it. For full functionality, one needs node2vec and InfoMap binary files, which need to be put into the ./bin folder. This project offers pre-compiled versions, however was tested only on Ubuntu linux > 15.

A quick overview is discussed next:

API documentation:

All examples and tutorials are accessible in

In progress: We are adding more involved examples, which are for now found in ./examples folder!

The documentation of all methods is given below:

Method list